Greg and the Gun Club provide a sense of camaraderie and playfulness that makes movement  feel like the privilege it is. 

I grew up playing sports and have spent most of my life, until recently, as a member of a team. I stayed active, but missed the reciprocal motivation that comes with being part of a group working on a task. 

Gun Club has brought that energy back and built upon it.

Greg is a great leader and coach. His consultative, relaxed style is constructive and encouraging, so time spent at Gun Club is always challenging and enjoyable. 

When you show up, you’re sure to learn something worthwhile…






Over the past few years I tried joining other gyms, but I never managed to stick with a routine of going to work out regularly.  I’m originally from California and I’ve always enjoyed outdoor adventure sports like snowboarding and surfing.  In New York I don’t get out to practice my sports as often as I’d like.  Most gyms are a poor substitute for playing in the outdoors, so I get bored and unmotivated.

GC works well because it’s the right combination of challenge, fun, and guidance to make you want to stick with it.  Working out with a small group of good folks is motivating, and the whole atmosphere from the physical space to the music to the clear instruction and encouragement makes it a great experience.  You always know that it will be an hour well spent and that you’ll feel the accomplishment of having worked hard.

After a few months of going to the GC, I can see that it’s making me stronger.  When I took a surf trip this winter I could tell that I had more strength to paddle and was able to stay out in the water longer than I normally could.  I’m looking forward to many more great mornings at the GC, and to continuing to feel the results.  It’s definitely a unique, fun, and rewarding place to work out.



A little over two years ago I decided to make major changes in my life. Previous to that I had been living a life that was based on poor decisions and negative energy, all contributing to an unhealthy mind and body. During the time I made the decision to change my life, I struggled to live in this new way. Something was missing.  Greg came into my life in this transitional period and said, "why don't you come and work out with me and the bros? At the Gun Club... It's just me, and a bunch of bros (gals as well now)... Just working out..." I basically shrugged it off. I knew I needed to get in shape but I just didn't make it in.  I started following @gunclubbrooklyn on Instagram and I noticed in his bio it said, "creating positive habits." It was a sign, I had to go - this is exactly what I needed in my life. It turns out these "positive habits" were actualized very quickly. Not only was Greg a breath of fresh air in the normal "big name" gym atmosphere, but his laid back, patient yet assertive coaching style allowed me to feel comfortable with my minimal ability. This gave me the courage and motivation to keep coming and continue to get stronger. I was feeling happy and looked forward to coming in to work out with Greg and the other members. I have been working out with Greg at the Gun Club for a year and a half and I can't imagine life without it. Not only has the GC made me physically stronger, but I am mentally stronger as well. This is because of the cultivations of this "positive habit" and the other positive habits I have added to my life since. Being a member of GCBK has been the catalyst and the core of my health and well being. I am so proud to have Greg, his wife Frankie and the other members of the Gun Club in my life. I look forward to what the Gun Club will bring to others and myself in the future. 



There's really no greater compliment I can give to Greg or the Gun Club than that I no longer hate pull-ups more than anything else in life.  I might even like pull-ups now, which feels insane to say, because I've actively avoided pull-ups since a dark and traumatic pull-up experience during the Presidential Fitness Exam of 1987. Why the Gun Club has succeeded where every other gym, workout and motivator has failed me is hard to pinpoint, but I think it's Greg's ability to make conquering my weaknesses (pull-ups) seem much easier and more fun than it actually is. I'm not exactly sure how he does that - could be the reggae - but it probably has something to do with always making you feel like you're part of the group, working toward the same goal, and that you can do it, even when everyone else is stronger than you. Sometimes he accomplishes this through tailoring your movement or weight so you can keep up, sometimes by lightening the mood with a joke about you almost kicking the stereo over while doing a pull-up, but it always works, and you always get through it and walk out feeling stronger than when you walked in.